An increasing trend in modern offices is the idea of a virtual office. Working remotely as a team is gaining popularity because of the many benefits it can provide businesses, including reduced overhead costs, less environmental impact, and happier employees.

But when it comes to getting work done in a virtual office, you will have to find the right processes and solutions for keeping your team connected and working together. You’ll also have a few new business challenges ahead of you, but the end result can be well worth it.

Here are a few items to keep in mind when moving to a virtual office.

Utilize a strong tool

Make sure that you utilize technology and find a detailed team collaboration and project management tool to help you manage work and communications. Make sure everyone on your virtual team knows how to use it, and make sure they use it often.

Communicate often

The best way for a virtual office to fail is to not communicate. Make sure your communication channels are open and you and your team are sharing business news, ideas and updates frequently.

Be open and honest

When communicating, ensure you are honest with everyone on your team. Give them detailed, honest feedback on their work, and keep them informed as to the status of all projects.

Trust your teammates

If you don’t trust your teammates, your virtual office will see some significant challenges. Trust your team to get their work done, to communicate well and to produce quality work. The outcome will be a stronger team that works efficiently.