Right, I’ve already put up two prior posts on the wiki functionality that’s available on MOSS 2007 ( Microsoft Office Sharepoint Server 2007 ).

Now while it’s a great thing that Microsoft have finally awoken to the wonder that is the wiki, an in-depth look at the functionality leaves one with the feeling that this could have been done a lot better. While it is true that MS Wiki does have a few of the basic features that we’ve come to expect of any wiki, the features it doesn’t have really makes you wonder if this isn’t a 1.0 version that’s been launched.

Being a fan of mediawiki I’ve come to expect that all other wiki’s display the same high standards . However,  basic things like a categories function seem to be missing from the MS Wiki package. Which means that grouping the “articles” you create becomes a logistics nightmare. Some of the features that they have managed to put in are the web based UI , an interlinking feature and of course version control.

The biggest plus point ( from a corporate perspective ) is the ability to control access to various pages though all said and done i do think this wiki functionality needs a lot of work before it can be compared to standalone wiki products.