What do project managers, small business owners, and entrepreneurs all have in common? They are extremely busy. And what is it that project managers, small business owners, and entrepreneurs struggle with most? Time management. Most professionals are always looking for new and creative ways to juggle multiple tasks in a shorter timeframe. Here are some tips on how to manage multiple responsibilities and tasks, and still get things done.

close up of man working on calculator and computer making list

Leverage Technology and Resources.

Technology was designed and created to help us out and make our lives easier. If you are a small business owner, entrepreneur, or project manager, you should be leveraging technology and other resources to help make your lives easier and keep track of tasks.

Smartphones and tablets are great pieces of technology that allows users to take their work on the go in a compact and convenient manner. In addition, there are a number of apps available for Smartphones and tablets that help keep track of daily tasks, emails, files, etc.

If you are a small business owner or entrepreneur and you don’t utilize these devices, perhaps it’s time for an upgrade. While technology certain has its pitfalls and disadvantages, it is extremely helpful. See how you can organize tasks, files, and keep track of clients and team members all with technology.

Delegate and Outsource.

In addition to leveraging technology, small business owners, project managers, and entrepreneurs can also leverage talent resources. Most often small business owners and entrepreneurs fear delegating certain tasks out to different team members. This fear is really tied into the control factor. Small business owners often think that no one can perform a particular task better than them. This isn’t meant to knock small business owners at all, it’s just the attitude that forms when spending so much time, effort, and money running and growing a small business.

But the truth factor? At some point if small business owners want to grow and develop further, they need to entrust other individuals and team members to help out with tasks. If you are reaching a point when you are working day and night, or you are disorganized, or are forgetting to return that client’s phone call or send that email, then it’s probably time to start thinking of leveraging resources. So how do you do this? Try hiring a part time worker or even outsource some work to a freelancer. In fact, virtual assistants are a great way for entrepreneurs, especially those that operate ecommerce websites, or those that own an online business, to delegate tasks.

To-Do Lists. Thing of the Past?

So now that we've talked about how to leverage technology and resources and get small business owners, entrepreneurs, and project managers back up into the twenty-first century, let’s now take a piece from…the past? The good, old-fashioned to-do list. But is it really from the past? The majority of small business owners and entrepreneurs still use some form of to-do list today. Whether it’s writing everything down on a physical piece of paper or keeping a physical diary or notebook, or using the “notes” feature on a Smartphone or tablet, or using a “to-do list” app, the truth is, most people still do this. And why not? Don’t fix it if it’s not broken. If you are a small business owner or entrepreneur or project manager and you need a tried and true way to keep track of tasks, why to adhere to the good ‘ol to-do list?