With more than 6 million users, of which two thirds listed in the Fortune 500 companies book, Seavus Project Viewer™, the leading viewer for Microsoft® Project Plans (.mpp files), has been improving project teams performance for more than 15 years.

Seavus Project Viewer™ allows you to open and read .MPP files without the need to have Microsoft® Project installed on your environment.

The solution is intended for all project team members, managers and other employees who need to open and view project plans in the .MPP file format.


If you can see it in Microsoft® Project, you can see it in Seavus Project Viewer!

Why Choose Seavus Project Viewer™?

✔️Open and Read MPP Files

Seavus Project Viewer™ supports all views available in MS® Project and it is compatible with the latest MS project versions, including Microsoft® Project 2019. This complete .MPP reader will open Master Project plans, password-protected files and .MPP files of up to 10GB. Seavus Project Viewer™ allows the user to open, view and analyze any .MPP file created from Microsoft® Project 2010 onward, including the latest MS Project 2019 version.

✔️Fully available project views

The views available in the application are the same as the views available in Microsoft® Project and they provide the same display of project information to all project stakeholders. Seavus Project Viewer™ supports views such as, Gantt Chart, Network Diagram, Task Sheet, Task Usage, Relationship diagram, Resource Graph, Resource Sheet, Resource Usage and many others.

Microsoft Project viewer resource view - Seavus Project Viewer

✔️Graphical reports and dashboards

The visual reports and dashboard available allow for users to get a complete dynamic overview of the project plan. Most of the predefined Microsoft® Project reports are supported along with a special formatting and descriptive overview of the project, project tasks, resources and assignments.

The graphical reports allow project stakeholders to read their upcoming tasks, find information about critical tasks, resource cost and analyze whether they are aligned with the project budget and timeline.

Microsoft Project viewer resource report - Seavus Project Viewer


Seavus Project Viewer™ also features add-ins to better facilitate project collaboration and information exchange between project managers and project participants.

The task update feature allows project team members to easily collaborate and provide project managers with up-to-date information regarding the project task status they are working on. On the other hand project managers can track if all of the assignments are finished on time. 

With Seavus Project Viewer™, users can also open Microsoft® Project plans published on Microsoft® Project Server and even use MS SharePoint or OneDrive to collaborate and share their .MPP files.

Microsoft project viewer task update - Seavus Project Viewer

✔️Languages and platforms supported

The project viewer is available for the Windows, MAC OSX environment in 11 different languages, including English, German, French, Spanish, Dutch, Czech, Russian, Polish, Italian, Japanese and Chinese (Simplified).

Other key benefits to consider

  1. Seavus Project Viewer™ costs 10% of a MS Project license which can lead to software licensing cost savings of up to 90%, especially when applied on enterprise/company scale
  2. Compatible with latest version of Microsoft® Project 2019.
  3. Ability to view graphical reports as in Microsoft® Project for.
  4. Instant collaboration with the Task Update add-in and the Skype for Business integration.
  5. Dedicated and experienced technical support to provide a quality and on-time assistance.

Seavus Project Viewer™ is available in a 15 Day Free Trial version