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Seavus Project Viewer

Seavus Project Viewer for Microsoft Project Plans

Seavus Project Viewer is a complete viewer for Microsoft Project files that facilitates excellent cooperation in projects where the project stakeholders need to view and share information from project management. It is a low cost solution for project members who only need to view mpp files and update their tasks. This solution reduces project management costs, avoiding the redundant purchase of MS® Project licenses.

Seavus Project Viewer is used by project stakeholders who don’t change the project plans (MPP files). They can, however update the progress of each task and report it to their project managers.

Seavus Project Viewer Product Overview

Seavus Project Viewer’s users get a twin view with Microsoft Project at just 10% of the price of MS Project. Seavus Project Viewer has been rolled out to more than 5 million users worldwide including 200 companies from Fortune 500. For more information please visit:



PrimaveraReader PrimaveraReader is a Windows application that allows you to open and view project data exported from Oracle Primavera P6 in .xer or .xls file format. It is designed to deliver the well-known view of project information among all parties involved without having an Oracle Primavera P6 license.

In PrimaveraReader, project participants such as project managers, team members, contractors and subcontractors can gain complete visibility into project progress.

PrimaveraReader Product Overview

PrimaveraReader users get a schedule view of their Oracle Primavera P6 files, at just 10% of the price of Oracle Priamvera P6. For more information please visit:



iMindQ is a mind mapping solution where you can record your thoughts and ideas in various types of formats, such as mind maps, concept maps, diagrams, flowcharts etc. or use it as a virtual whiteboard. As an individual you can organize your lifestyle activities, explore your creative side, and boost your memory by visually depicting information and organizing it in a logical order. As a business user you can improve your productivity by easily managing daily activities and projects by using the task management option, Gantt chart view, spreadsheet insertion and Work Breakdown Structure charts. You can stimulate your thinking and effectively manage brainstorming sessions, clarify complex information, easily solve problems and conduct smart strategic planning activities. As a teachers or student you can aid your learning process, strengthen your memory skills, plan and organize activities and interactively present your lecture materials.

You can use the rich media and formatting options to create inspiring mind maps, and export them in several formats, provided by the advanced MS Office package products integration and the exquisite interoperability with several other file formats. You can also benefit from the integrated web browsing, advanced search and filter option, multiplatform synchronization, and share your mind maps with the AirDrop (for iOS) and SharePoint integration.

iMindQ™ is available for Windows, Mac and mobile user platforms, for which the software has several products such as: iMindQ™ Desktop (Windows and Mac), iMindQ™ Mobile (iOS, Android, Windows Phone) and iMindQ™ Web.

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