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GOTO Amsterdam 2019

GOTO Amsterdam 2019

About GOTO Amsterdam 2019

GOTO is the enterprise software development conference designed for team leads, architects, and project management and is organized for developers, by developers. As software developers and architects ourselves, Trifork wanted to craft the ultimate conference.

The result is a high quality conference experience where a tremendous amount of attention and investment has gone into having the best content on the most important topics presented by the leaders in the community, staged in an intimate environment needed to support as much learning and networking as possible.


Allard Buijze - Creator of Axon Framework, AxonIQ

Arun Gupta - Principal Open Source Technologist at AWS and CNCF Board Member, AWS

Aslak Hellesøy - Creator of Cucumber; Author of "The Cucumber Book, Behaviour-Driven Development for Developers and Testers", Cucumber

Ben Wilcock - Established Technology Blogger & Advisory Solution Architect in Cloud Application Transformation, Pivotal

Bert Jan Schrijver - JavaOne Rockstar & Champion, NLJUG leader & CTO at OpenValue, OpenValue

Bruce Dickinson - Businessman, Pilot & Lead Singer of Iron Maiden, Iron Maiden

Christiaan Hees - Google Cloud

Christina Boutrup - China Expert and Author of "The Great Tech Revolution", TV2

Claudio Perrone - Inventor of the PopcornFlow Thinking Model, Agile Sensei

Corina Pip - Test & Automation Leading Expert & Creator of "The Little Tester" Comic

Damiaan Zwietering - Data Science Developer Advocate at IBM

Daniel Bryant - Author of "Containerizing Continuous Delivery in Java"

Dawid Ziolkowski - Container Solutions

Dr. Anita Sengupta - Rocket Scientist, Professor of Astronautics and Space Technology University of Southern CA, University of Southern CA

Eamonn Boyle - Instil

Em Grasmeder - Code, Math, Teaching Witchcraft, ThoughtWorks

Emily Gorcenski - Data Scientist, Technologist & Hockey Player

Eric Johnson - Senior Developer Advocate - AWS Serverless, AWS

Erwin de Gier - Building the Bleeding-edge Crypto Platform "WeAreBlox" at Trifork

Evan Sutter - Co-founder of Hapzly, Measuring Businesses on Happiness Output

Florian Gilcher - Founder of Ferrous Systems, Music Addict, Rubyist, Rust Trainer & Backend Programmer, Asquera

Garth Gilmour - Ireland's most experienced software trainer, Instil

Gary Crawford - Used Agile Techniques for Smuggling Whiskey - All in the Name of Science, AKQA Sweden

Gojko Adzic - Creator of Claudia.js & Award-winning Software Delivery Consultant, Neuri Consulting

Graeme Rocher - Creator of Grails and Micronaut

Han Markslag - IT Chapter Lead Omnichannel, ING Bank

Heather Gray - UC Berkeley

Jaideep Bansal - Global Himalayan Expedition, Energy Access Leader at Global Himalayan Expedition

Johan Stokking - Tech Lead, CTO & Co-founder of the World's Largest LoRaWAN Network, The Things Network

John Le Drew - Experienced Engineer Making Psychological Safety a Right for Everyone, Wise Noodles

Jose Galarza - Tech Lead at TransferWise

João Silva - Leader of CERN’s Applications and Services section, CERN

Juan Paniagua - OpenShift Consultancy manager at Proteon

Julius Volz - Prometheus Co-Founder

Kelley Robinson - Developer Evangelist at Twilio advocating for secure software development

Ken Mugrage - Technology Evangelist with ThoughtWorks

Kief Morris - Author of O'Reilly's "Infrastructure as Code" & Cloud Practice Lead at ThoughtWorks

Koen Bos - CTO at Relay42

Lee Boonstra - Customer Engineer at Google

Lieven Vandersypen - Professor of Quantum Nanoscience & co-director of the Kavli Institute of Nanoscience at TU Delft & co-founder of QuTech

Linus Kvarnhammar - Security consultant & ethical hacker, Syneptic

Liz Keogh - Core BDD Community Member, Cynefin Advocate, Sci-Fi Writer & Haiku Poet

Liz Rice - Technology Evangelist with Aqua Security

Marcin Pakulnicki - IT Chapter Lead Omnichannel, ING Bank

Marco Gercke - Global Thinker & Writer Focussing on Global Security & Cybersecurity, Cybercrime Research Institute

Marcos Maia - Full Stack Engineer at ING

Markus Wittwer - Coaching Agile Teams to Stay Sane Using Mindfulness

Martin Woolley - BLE Wizard & Developer Relations Manager at Bluetooth SIG, Bluetooth SIG

Matt Brunt - Dungeon Master, Code Tinkerer & Cybersecurity Pro, Helical Levity

Matt Feigal - Cloud Customer Engineering Manager for Benelux, Google Cloud

Mike Amundsen - API Expert & Author of O'Reilly's "RESTful Web Clients", Director of API Architecture

Morten Birk - Software Developer at Interactive Spaces Lab & Augmented Reality Wizzard, Alexandra Instituttet

Nell Watson - Founder of QuantaCorp, Engineer, Entrepreneur & Tech Philosopher

Nicolas Frankel - Developer Advocate at Exoscale

Nikolas Burk - Created the Popular Online Tutorial "How to GraphQL", Prisma

Oliver Drotbohm - Author of the first Book on Spring Data & Spring Data Lead, Pivotal

Paulien van Alst - Passionate Software Engineer at OpenValue Teaching Kotlin

Phil Winder - Machine Learning whiz and Advocate for DataDevOps, Winder Research

Philip Leonard - Picnic

Philippe De Ryck - Founder of Pragmatic Web Security, Google Developer Expert

Preben Thorö - Chairman for the GOTO Program Committees, CTO Trifork GmbH

Priit Potter - Co-Founder of Plumbr

Priyanka Vergadia - AI and ML strategist at Google

Radu Weiss - Firecracker Expert, Amazon

Robert Metzger - PMC member of the Apache Flink project; Co-founder, Engineering Lead Ververica

Ronnie Mitra - Co-Author of Continuous API Management

Roy van Rijn - Experienced Developer & Architect, Robotics Enthusiast & Hobby Mathematician, OpenValue

Sam Aaron - Creator of Sonic Pi & Live Coding Musician, University of Cambridge

Sander Hoogendoorn - Chief architect at Quby

Sander Mak - Java Champion, Author of O'Reilly's "Java 9 Modularity" & Fellow at Luminis

Steve Peak - Storyscript

Steve Smith - Author of "Measuring Continuous Delivery", Continuous Delivery Consulting

Steve Smith - Collaborative data and hit'n'run ops at Atlassian

Steven van Beelen - Axon Framework Lead Developer, AxonIQ

Tim van Baarsen - Full Stack Engineer at ING

Trisha Gee - Developer Advocate & Java Champion, JetBrains

Vasi Philomin - Master of language and speech technologies, Amazon


For the full agenda please visit the Schedule page on the offical website of the event.

About the Organizer

Trifork consists of technology experts that enjoy delivering scalable and agile projects for complex business issues, in partnership with our customers.

*This Conference is over.

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