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23rd ICPME

23rd ICPME

About 23rd International Congress of Project Management and Engineering

The Project Area of the School of Industrial Engineering from the Málaga University, member of the International Excellence Campus Andalucía Tech, together with the Spanish Project Management and Engineering Association (AEIPRO), are pleased to announce the celebration of the 23rd International Congress on Project Management and Engineering.

The Organizing Committee wishes that this Congress became an international forum for discussion and debate for all Project Management and Engineering companies and professionals, especially those experts, researchers and trainers involved in the formation of future professionals in the field.

The organizers encourage all interested people to participate actively and share their knowledge and experience in order to contribute to enriching the world of Project Management and Engineering.


Reinhard Wagner - IPMA CoD Chairperson

Mary McKinlay - APM

Gholamreza Safakish - IPMA Vice President Young Crew

Karen Thompson - Bournemouth University

Nigel Williams - Bournemouth University 

Ali Jaafari - Education Centre of Australia


July 9, Tuesday:


17:00 - Workshop registration 17:30 - Workshop 20:00 - Congress Opening 20:30 - Official reception


July 10, Wednesday - 3rd International Seminar of PM:


09:00 - ISoPM Registration
09:30 - Welcome by Tom Taylor and Official Opening

  • Assessing motivation in project teams, Guillermo Montero
  • A Framework of Project Governance for Electronic Administration Implantation, Pedro Juan Baquero Pérez
  • Managing multiple projects in uncertain contexts: a practical experience, Unai Apaolaza
  • Q&A 

11:00 - Coffee Break
11:30 -  “Variety is the Spice of Life - or the Key to Success”, Mary Mckinlay


  • Managing the Digital Transformation in well-established companies: A framework for implementation, Katia Sofia Jimenez Agurto
  • A review of Site Offices Challenges to Communicate and Exchange Information in UK, Rasha Sayed Suleiman
  • Embedding electric vehicles within a large business fleet: experimental findings, Saioa Etxebarria Berrizbeitia
  • Q&A

13:00 - "Smart cities and the projectification of society", Reinhard Wagner
14:00 - Lunch
15:30 - "Advocate or Abrogate? Making Project Management Responsible", Karen Thompson

  • The Performance of Program Management for Sejong Administrative City Construction, Ounsang Yoon
  • Exploring why established companies need service design. The case of two Basque manufacturers, Iker Legarda
  • Islamic Leadership Principles in Construction Project Management of PWD Malaysia – Assessment of Applicability, Muhamad Rosdi Senam
  • IT-enabled e-Project Management Practice to assure Accurate Telecom Cable Network Inventory with Remote Smart Quality Control, James Yu

17:00 - Coffee break
17:30 - Keynote

  • Sustainable Pavement Rating Systems: An International Critical Review, Thomas Mattinzioli
  • Lean Construction as an innovative approach for minimising risks in Mega-Construction projects in developing countries, Ahmed Helmy Mohamed
  • Q&A

18:40 - End of Day One
20:30 - Dinner: social meeting


July 11, Thursday - 3rd International Seminar of PM:


09:00 - ISoPM Registration09:30 - Keynote10:00

  • Modelling of a heat exchanger for a spouted bed based pilot plant, Xabier Sukunza Pérez
  • Data acquisition system for the characterization of the biomechanic and ergonomic thresholds in driving vehicles, Javier Catalán
  •  Developing a hierarchy communication risk management framework for construction project, Mohd Mansour
  • Q&A

11:00 - Coffee break
11:30 - “Real world practices in guiding project team during FEED endorsement phase”, Gholamreza Safakish

  • Classification and analysis of the evolution of dynamic risk assessment techniques for industrial accidents, Martin Folch Calvo
  • Megaprojects and artificial intelligence: Preserving value for the stakeholders, Joaquín Ordieres
  • Exploring the adequacy of OpenPM² to European Union – funded International Development grant projects implemented by Civil Society Organizations, Agustín Moya Colorado
  • Q&A

13:00 - Workshop "Responsible Project Management in Practice", Karen Thompson and Nigel Williams
14:00 - Lunch
15:30 - PMMethodology

  • PM2 in a nutshell: philosophy and tips beyond the methodology, Javier Pajares
  • Why use PM2. Is it the short & sweet of PM Methodologies?, Germán Martínez Montes
  • Agustín Moya Colorado
  • Round Table

17:00 - Coffee break
17:30 - “Competence-based Strategic Management”, Ali Jaafari
18:30 - Closing
19:00 - End of Day Two
21:00 - Closing Dinner and Prizes


July 12, Friday:


09:00 - Workshop registration
09:30 - Workshop
11:00 - Coffee break
11:30 - Workshop
13:00 - Asamblea General de AEIPRO
14:00 - Lunch

About the Organizer

AEIPRO (Spanish Project Management and Engineering Association) is a non-profit association whose goal is to promote excellence in the profession of Project Management and Engineering. AEIPRO was founded in 1992 with the aim of developing and promoting the Project Management profession. 

AEIPRO’s main objectives are to provide a platform for project managers to network and share information, provide up to date information and extensive networking opportunities, actively promote the Project Management profession, enable project managers to share ideas and take active part in the progression of project management, identify and define the needs that affect project management performance and play a leading role in decision making on issues related with Project Management.


*For additional information regarding the calendar, venue, scientific program, companions program, keynote speakers, submitting of papers and registration please visit the official website of the event.

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