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Online Event Organized by Tom Cagley and Jon M. Quigley

Quality, Agile, and Lean Classic Books: Out of The Crisis

10 Apr 2020 -
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    Quality, Agile, and Lean Classic Books: Out of The Crisis

    About the Book Club Event

    At times, we see things that look new to us today, but knowing some of history will enlighten us. A review of history will find key events or milestones, and individuals, that have significant impact on the present state of management and employee relationship. One person of significance is W. Edwards Deming. Deming, an American engineer and statistician, was a significant contributor to the recovery of Japan at the end of the second world war. 

    After World War II, Japan had a period of recovery. In the early 1950’s Deming was part of the effort to rebuild Japan. From this time in the early 1950s when Japanese manufacturing was incapable, to the 1970s when the quality of Japanese cars delivered to the United States were of significant quality and lower cost. So, in 20 years, a war-torn country with limited natural resources, moved to an automotive industry that would rival that of a country with an abundance of natural resources and one that did not suffer domestic damage from the results of world war II. This is no minor accomplishment.  Deming, immersed in the culture of Japan, arrived at improved ways of working, moving management approaches of the time in a significantly different direction. Rather than a paternalistic management approach, Deming offered a solution that emphasized leadership over management, as well as establishing a very specific work environment, and this is long before the psychological safety, and empowerment. 

    In this seven-session book club event, the hosts will go through the W. Edwards Deming book, Out of The Crisis. Each session is described in the supplemental material provided, that includes definitions of key words, and a series of questions to ponder for each chapter as you read through the book.  The chapters to be covered in each of the seven-sessions are identified, and each series will have a limited number of people, to facilitate ease of discussion of the text, allowing for plenty of participant interaction. Tom Cagley and Jon M Quigley will be your guides through the material, posing follow on questions that guide you through the exploration of the work.

    • Workbook that includes
      • Chapter overview
      • Definitions of chapter key words
      • Questions that matches the chapters for each specific event
    • Seven online discussions (audio) of the book topics with other participants
    • Facilitated exploration for each of the 7 module and chapters contained
    • Recorded for your access at a future date
    • Discussion board for the participants to post questions and interact outside of the book club

    Register today! Sign up for this book club event.  There are few openings to allow for productive discussions on the book. The first session starts April 10th 2020.

    You can sign up by clicking on this link.

    About the Hosts

    Tom Cagley is a consultant, speaker, author, and coach who leads organizations and teams to unlock their inherent greatness. He has developed estimation models and has supported organizations developing classic and Agile estimates. Tom helps teams and organizations improve cycle time, productivity, quality, morale, and customer satisfaction and then prove it.

    Mr. Cagley is an internationally respected blogger and podcaster for over 14 years focusing on software process and measurement. His blog entries and podcasts have been listened to or read well over a million times. He co-authored Mastering Software Project Management: Best Practices, Tools and Techniques with Murali K. Chemuturi. Tom penned the chapter titled “Agile Estimation Using Functional Metrics” in The IFPUG Guide to IT and Software Measurement. His certifications include CFPS, IT-CMF Tier 2 Certified Associate, CSM, SAFe SPC, TMMi Assessor, and TMMi Professional.

    Jon M Quigley is an author, speaker, teacher, and consultant on a myriad of product development topics.  He has ceded 7 United States patents and won the prestigious Volvo Technical Award and the Volvo Technology Awards.  He has written more than 12 books and contributed to many others including the Encyclopedia of Software Engineering, as well as scores of magazine articles on product development topics at nearly 50 different outlets.  Mr. Quigley’s books have been used at universities such as Tecnológico de Monterrey, Eindhoven University of Technology, Manchester Metropolitan University and San Beda University (Philippines).  He has been a guest lecturer on many of these topics at Technical Schools and Universities across the globe.

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