Ferris wheelWelcome to the August/September 2010 edition of the Carnival of Project Management, our 33rd Carnival.

To start, Rich Maltzman, PMP presents Zero is the new Infinity posted at Earth PM, saying, "Green is the new black, and zero is the new infinity..." He also writes his own blog and posted We just ain't that good at risk from Scope crêpe, saying, "Really - we aren't."

Valery Zelixon presents Supplier selection process part 1 - - how to select global supplier for your business posted at Supply Chain Notebook.

Stuart Corrigan presents How To Map A Process posted at Vanguard Scotland, which also includes some links to free tools for process mapping.

Guru presents 25 things that you need to know to host successful events posted at Eventzilla Blog. This is on the boundaries of project management, but if you are hosting lunch-and-learn sessions for teams of project managers, courses or simply workshops for your projects, review this list.

Wise Bread presents How to Get Your Boss to Let You Work From Home posted at Wisebread.

Bruce Loflland presents Hidden reasons why things don't get done posted at PM Technix.

And here's another from Rich Maltzman, PMP presents Green Project Management and the BP Deepwater Horizon Spill posted at Earth PM. "Pertinent!" he says.

Chris Solomon presents Project Management Tools Part – 1 Critical Path Method(CPM) posted at Jazz Presentation, saying, "Critical Path Method is A very effective Method used in Project Management to Segregate the most important parts of the projects for the rest." This is a basic article on critical path method.

And finally, here is a new project management blog: IT Project Blog.  Not very adventurously named, but it looks like it could build into a good resource.