The Project Management Coaching Workbook: Six Steps to Unleashing Your Potential is a book that offers six steps to reach your project management and leadership goals. Providing numerous tools, questions, reviews, guiding practices, and exercises, this book will keep you captivated until you build your roadmap to project management success. The Project Management Coaching Workbook is a direct result of the author’s experience.

Being a management coach for over 15 years, Susanne Madsen has helped many project managers to unleash their potential, and reach their leadership goals. Most of the tools, approaches, and topics presented in her book arise from the needs and challenges of project managers she has coached.

In The Project Management Coaching Workbook, she offers a proven six-step approach designed to help project managers understand and articulate what they want to achieve. In fact, this book can help project managers achieve their goals. Finally, this workbook will help project managers to effectively manage a demanding workload, manage risks, issues, and changes to scope, as well as build effective relationships with a project team and stakeholders.