Today managing projects and work environment has become very complex in comparison to the traditional elements of project management such as cost, performance, schedule, and delivery. The traditional elements are not enough in the modern era. In fact, if you want your project to succeed, you need to shift your mindset and become a project leader. You need to adapt the complexity of managing project and work environment and find new innovative opportunities.

The book, The Power of Project Leadership will help you shift your mindset into leadership mode. Not only it will help you grow as a leader, but this book will also teach you how to generate positive results for projects’ outcomes while your clients and team members will start recognizing you as a leader.

This book provides interviews with successful project leaders covering topics such as coaching, overcoming dysfunctional team behavior, conflict resolution, risk management, and collaborative planning. Moreover, it provides an outline of the capabilities, behavioral characteristics, and attitudes that you need to have in order to become a confident, work-driven, and focused project leader. The Power of Project Leadership will show you how to lead with vision, how to improve constantly, and how to empower your ream.