Shortcuts to Success: Project Management in the Real World won’t teach you how to become a project manager. It will not set up your first project, nor walk you through it. Instead, it is designed for people who already know that every project has its beginning, a middle, and an end. The goal of this book is to take project management further. It is for project managers who know the theory and are ready to take a step forward. Shortcuts to Success is a collection of over 250 years of project management experience so you can see how other people run their projects outside the management texts and research papers. It will give you insights on how projects get done in the real world.

This book can help you easily find the information relevant to your particular situation because it is organized in five clear sections, while each section is organized into short chapters. The idea of Shortcuts to Success is to help you understand how things are done only from reading about other people’s experiences. In fact, this book can be your personal mentor that gives you the opportunity to learn from others.