There is considerable connection between growth of the personnel in the organization and the ability for the company to compete over time.  Looking outside for help training may be required but looking within for opportunities for enhanced training; and growth, will foster a continually improving and growing organization. The project work itself should be a great source of learning and skill development.  This book examines the opportunities for learning, within the organization and its’ activities, along with the connection to motivation.  Additionally, it provides information on the characteristics of organizations that are able to quickly disseminate, along with approaches for improving this distribution of that learning throughout the organization. Creating plans, requires learning, altering plans, also learning. Projects are constrained by definition, there are time, cost, and schedule expectations, and very frequently talent and resources constrained. While these often provide sources of friction or morale issues within the team, managed well, these conflicts provide catalyst for learning and creating solutions to address restrictions but upon the team by these limitations.  The book reviews some of the more common cognitive biases that can impact productivity and project success as these can get in the way of creating solutions that work.