For those of who you are looking at either buying a new MOSS ( Microsoft Office Share Point ) 2007 product and starting from scratch or upgrading from the existing SharePoint 2003 version you might want to take a quick look at what it offers as a product.

While I haven’t actually gotten around to doing a comprehensive write-up on this new application from Microsoft I figured that prospective users out there might be interested in knowing how different this new version is from the older one.

I’ve spent the last 2 years working with this application ( amongst others ) and a couple of years before that on its previous version. While it is perfectly suited as a document management tool it is far from being an ideal KM solution, though there are ways of getting around this problem.

Sharepoint V3 has made up for it by providing a very tightly integrated platform to facilitate the sharing of knowledge. Having worked on it I can say this is the first time i have felt Microsoft has started moving in the direction of a proper KM product. This excel sheet ( put together by Microsoft ) is a feature comparison between the various types of Sharepoint. Go through it when you have the time, will give you some insight into what you can expect from this new tool.

The areas covered in this document are as follows :

- Collaboration

- Enterprise Portal

- Enterprise Search

- Enterprise Content Management

- Forms-Driven Business Processes

- Business Intelligence

- Management

- Platform Capabilities