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For a lot of people, the office setting just screams formality and professionalism. Coworkers are expected to do as they’re asked and pitch in where they can. 

Table of Contents

  1. Thank them, but be specific!
  2. Thank you notes
  3. Get them a gift
  4. Offer your help
  5. Bring in the coffee 
  6. Put in a good word for them 
  7. Give them access to new resources 
  8. Get slightly personal 
  9. Cook/bake for them
  10. Help with their commute
  11. Conclusion 

Chances are, they’re not thanked or acknowledged enough despite some trying hard to impress their peers. 

This doesn’t foster a warm environment in which employees and coworkers can relate to one another on a deeper level, and can severely impact productivity in an office. In other words, they’re just robots paid to do their jobs, which ultimately leads to burnout.

If you’re willing to go out of your way to show your appreciation towards your friends and family members, then why not exhibit the same energy towards your coworkers? The average person spends around 34.4 hours a week in the office, and it would make a lot of sense to show your gratitude towards your coworkers now and then!

After all, behind the labels we use to categorize our relationships, we’re just people with the desire to feel appreciated no matter the setting. We can turn this boss mentality around and encourage meaningful relationships in the workplace by showing our appreciation to our colleagues when it’s due. In time, this will positively influence our workplace culture.

In this article, we’ll take a look at ten ways you can show your gratitude in the office and create a rewarding work environment!

Thank Them, But Be Specific!

The easiest way to show your appreciation towards someone is by saying thank you. Some children learn how to say “thank you” from as young as 18 months. It’s a shame that adults don’t say this enough in the workforce as if it’s a foreign concept.

Specificity is key when it comes to thanking coworkers. Here are two examples you would use on a project member:

‘Thanks for the hard work, Drew!’ 


‘Thanks for crunching those numbers up all night Drew, we impressed the managers with your findings!’

Let’s be honest. If you were in Drew’s shoes, the first example wouldn’t mean a thing. But if you put in the extra seconds and went with the latter, it will make his day and feel like his hard work has paid off. 

Thank You Notes

It’s best to thank your coworkers verbally. But if you’re still a bit shy about it, you can always surprise them with a heartfelt thank you note. It’s a classic, tangible way to make someone smile.

Thank you notes are a double whammy. Not only are you pouring out your heart’s content, but you’re taking the time to write it down. Remember, there’s nothing more valuable than a person’s time!

And of course, the recipient can keep or display the note. From time to time, it’s a nice feeling to remind themselves that they’re valued, and this can be their source of motivation during tough times.

Get Them A Gift

You can take a step further by giving your coworkers gifts that they will find valuable. For example, if you’ve noticed your coworker struggling with the dry winter weather, you can consider getting them a desk humidifier.

Chances are, if you put in the effort into understanding your coworker’s behaviors and problems, you can find a creative present among these 41 options

Anyone can think of generic gift ideas like mugs and mousepads (not that there’s anything wrong with those). Still, a coworker that realizes they have people around them that care about their struggles will feel much more appreciated. 

This, in turn, creates a more safe and secure environment for people to work in.

Offer Your Help

We all have skills that others may be lacking in. You may have an eye for creating visually appealing Powerpoint slides, and your coworker who is in charge of them, can’t seem to find the right balance of colors and texts.

Instead of just minding your own business, it’s worth going over and offer some tips you’ve learned along the way. Let them know that you are there if they want you to look at the final product. This shows your support and that you’re willing to spend time with them and help go through hurdles.

If you don’t feel like you have any particular set of skills, then just ask. This shows that you appreciate them enough to sacrifice your own time to help. 

Bring In The Coffee

One of these days, surprise your coworkers with coffee. Sure, you might already have a coffee machine at work, but that’s not as great compared to the shots they pull at the cafe next door (especially if you have a boss going for cheap beans!).

Let them know early in the morning that you’re treating them, and ask what their preferences are. This is one way to excite someone for work, especially if they’ve been through a troubling commute.

If you’re working on projects together, this is a great way to get the gears grinding. Nothing can pull a team together early in the morning, like how matching coffee cups can!

It doesn’t have just to be coffee—tea and hot chocolate work too (duh!).

Put In A Good Word For Them

If your coworkers have been a significant part of your team’s success, then it’s only right that you put in a good word for them in front of your superiors. Let them know how valuable each of them was and how they contributed to a team member. 

This would be a more subtle form of appreciation as you don’t have to announce this to your coworkers. But they will surely be grateful if the manager or supervisor comes around and praise them for their effort. 

At the end of the day, a team where each member acknowledges and appreciates one another will always work better than one that reeks of unhealthy competition. If they get a raise or a promotion, they’ll have you to thank for as well!

Give Them Access To New Resources

If you’ve been given the authorization to use resources and tools such as CRM and e-mail automation software that makes your work much more convenient, consider convincing your superiors to allow your coworkers access to the same technology as well. 

However, do proceed with caution. This action is a double-edged sword because if they are deemed untrustworthy, it may leave a dent to your name as well. 

Get Slightly Personal

Now, we’re not telling you to be a creep and ask them about their family problems, but it’s good to know them as more than the person they appear to be in the office. 

When the time is right, ask them about their hobbies, what sports they’re into, how their kids are doing, and stuff of that nature. You can consider this small talk, but it’s a good way to harness positive relationships in the office in the long run. 

You can’t truly appreciate someone unless you know them on a deeper level. Remember, read the room and be sensitive about what they don’t want to talk about. You don’t want to invade their privacy, just like how you don’t want them to invade yours.

Cook/Bake For Them

Honestly, I don’t think there’s a sweeter gesture of appreciation than cooking or baking something to give it to your coworkers. Whether it’s a hot, cheesy lasagna or simple homemade brownies, your coworkers will be more than happy to get their hands on what you made.

As mentioned earlier, there’s nothing more valuable than your time. If you’re willing to put in the thought and work into it, your coworkers will feel appreciated. It’s a cheaper alternative than treating them out for lunch and a much easier way to bond with them. Not to forget, a great way to impress your boss with your culinary skills!

Help With Their Commute

If you happen to have a car and live near a coworker that has to take public transport, offer them a ride every once in a while, especially if they have been working hard and staying up late. Commuting to work on the bus or train can be very tiring in the long run, so they’re bound to appreciate your offer.

They manage to save some cash, but most importantly, they get to wake up just a little bit later since they don’t have to fight for space in the jam-packed commute to work. Stressful mornings don’t help with their productivity in any way!

If you know a group of people that happen to take the same commute, perhaps you can plan for carpooling mornings once or twice a week just to show that you care about them! 


As you can see, it isn’t difficult to show your coworkers your appreciation. If you feel like your office environment has been pretty gloomy lately, this could be the cure for it. Appreciation has a domino effect. When you show someone your appreciation, there’s a high chance that they might catch those vibes and share it with other people in the office!