Manage your team wisely and achieve everything you planned. The crucial moments you need to take into consideration for this can be found in this article.

Complex team

You need to have different professionals and different people in your team so that they will bring different ideas to the project. They will have different points of view and sometimes even argue, but it is one of the best ways to find the best decision or solution in a situation: you get different point of views and you choose which one works best. Of course, there is a danger of miscommunication under such circumstances but as a manager you need to stimulate working cooperation. You can use events and activities where your people can spend time together in a non-working atmosphere, for example. Invest in building and maintaining social relationships. Harvard Business Review also recommends to choose people wisely: at least 20%-40% of team members need to already know each other.

Goals and their value

This is again a matter of communication to ensure that your team sticks to the goals. This is indeed the most challenging and rewarding activity for you. Articulate the goals need to be articulated. And their value is to be shared by everyone. This is one of the crucial moments of the team motivation when everybody believes that they are doing something good, interesting and useful. It is the best thing when people come to work to have fun in their achievements. However much work you have, under this condition you won’t get morally tired because you’re doing small things for something bigger. Inspire your team. Sure that you not only need to be good at managing but also have a good sense of humor that sometimes (not at all always) helps to find a way out of some difficult working moments.


Another thing that you need to provide by all possible means: communication and organization of the process. In case you are the only one who can see what is the best thing to do and where everybody needs to direct their efforts, it’s a way to nowhere. Avoid micromanagement: in case you don’t know who’s doing what within your project, this is probably the worst way to cure the situation. Reveal your plans to your team members and get feedback from them in a form of meetings, reports or find a better way.

Use workflow automation software

We have just spoken about visibility and communication and their importance. There are different tools to ensure them but we live in the XXI century: high time to automate the routine. Workflow automation means that you have templates of your working processes and the software that keeps track of your team activity and sends you email notifications to help you keep track of what is going on in your team: this way you can see who’s doing what without demanding reports too often (and preparing a report takes valuable time!). I would recommend the Comindware solution for its flexibility: it supports an unlimited number of tasks, subtasks and licensed users, so that you can always be sure that however big and complicated your project grows, you will always be able to keep your data in a single place and use it in live workflows. You can collaborate on tasks attaching comments, files and notes. The solution is installed on one of your Windows machines and then you connect as many users as you need: all of them have access to the tracker from their browser window. It is great indeed as you can access your data from everywhere with your credentials and the Internet connection. The solution has an enterprise-scale security level and protects your data. And, what is very important for this type of applications, it has a neat and clear interface that dramatically reduces the learning curve: hit play, and your task is started, or build a workflow in the graphical workflow builder right in your browser window. The 30-day trial is fully functional and enables you to connect any number of users.
To sum it up, after you choose the right team, set the right working atmosphere and then the right working order. Ensure correct communication by all possible means. And don’t forget to use the technology breakthrough to help you achieve your goals. I can gladly answer any of your questions or comments that you will provide to this article. I understand that this article can contain much more and I will try to cover the subjects in the future (and you can suggest what you need to know, I will try to meet your needs).

Author’s bio: Anastasia Chumakova

Anastasia is 30 years old, and lives in Moscow, she speaks 5 languages. She currently works for a B2B software development company and enjoys testing various systems and products. One of her main duties with her company is to write for the company website. Because of this, Anastasia began writing for other blogs from around the world on various topics.