It’s no secret - there is a plethora of project management software, tools, and solutions available for you to utilize in your company. There are companies that spend months test driving 25+ options for their project management software, and finally narrow it down to one solution to utilize for their business.

But how do you choose? Here is a list of features and capabilities to look for in your potential new project management solution to benefit your business organization.

Collaboration Capabilities

Unless you live under a rock, you know that businesses thrive off of effective communication. And what better way to increase effective communication than with a project management system? There are options available that allow teams to collaborate and communicate around the work that they are accomplishing. Make sure you find a solution that facilitates communication and collaboration by allowing you to hold online conversations, chat with individuals or teams and post feedback on tasks and projects. With more channels of communication and ways to work together on projects, the collaboration will increase the quality of the work being done.

Task Scheduling

Allowing your people to be in charge of their own task schedules empowers them to succeed. Once tasks and action items are input into your project management system and assigned to your team members, make sure they can create their own task schedules based on their availability and the due date of the task. This way, your team can get their tasks done when they feel they will be the most productive on them, and ensure that the quality of the work completed is the best it can be.

Multiple-Level Organization

When the information and the projects you need to manage in your business get complex, make sure you have a project management system that can handle complex organization and task structure. Look for a way to place tasks in appropriate folders, and folders into appropriate sections for easy organization. This structure will help you locate related tasks in the future as well.

File storage and sharing

File Storage and Sharing

Along with the projects and tasks you have to manage, you will have a lot of files and documents to manage as well, right? Make sure the project management solution you choose allows for file storage and file sharing. When the files are uploaded to your tasks or projects, find a solution that also allows you to collaborate on the files as well. When they are shared with teammates and comments are posted and edits are made right within the system, the files are of a higher quality than what one person could create on their own, and are updated much faster.

Time Tracking and Reporting

So once the work is being managed and completed in your project management system, how are you keeping track of that activity and the status of the projects? Try to find a solution that allows you to run reports on your team and project activity. These reports help team members, project managers, and supervisors better manage team hours and the status of projects.

With robust features like the ones listed above, your team will be able to effectively manage your work and complete more projects effectively. You’ll also see communication and collaboration increase, which will impact your business success and you’ll have the peace of mind of knowing that you made the right choice for your project management solution.