I was reading the book “Project Management Nation” by Jason Charvat and ran across the discussion of product strategy and the purpose of strategy and I’d like to review his points and discuss them further.  Here is what Mr. Charvat presents concerning the purpose of product strategy…

“Organizations must focus on project management as the key business driver that will achieve these advantages for them. As a profession, project management would be able to support the overall business strategy with clear-cut benefits and advantages.

  • Reduce delivery costs

  • Enable quicker product to market

  • Focus advantage

  • Produce quality deliverables"

Let’s look at these five concepts further in terms of project management…

Reduce delivery costs. Through the use of a mature project management practice that utilizes repeatable processes and templates, uses established and collaborative tools like Seavus’ Project Viewer, and has developed strong leadership, project management can provide products and services more cheaply.  By following a structured and formalized project methodology that works for the organization as a whole, products can be delivered to cheaper to market with less re-work/errors because of the reliance on proven processes.

Enable quicker product to market. The same is true for speed to market.  Established and repeatable practices allow an organization to duplicate project successes and get products rolled out faster and cheaper than if they were simply relying on luck on an ongoing basis. The advantage permits the business to deliver products or services more efficiently than the competitors and the business is able to react more favorably to market demands.

Focus advantage. Project management best practices allow the projects that are wrapped around these product deliveries to be focused more on the client needs and products, instead of having a solution that does not deliver the expected returns.

Produce quality deliverables. An established project management practices automatically builds quality into the products or services right from the start, ensuring that the right things are developed at the right specification. Again, this means that processes and practices are in place in the mature PM organization to make this happen and those proven practices result in quality output.

  • Provide customer advantage”