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When it comes to completing a project, it seldom goes as planned. While there are a few projects that get completed seamlessly, there are several projects that face issues from the ideation stage to wrap up. This is where effective project management comes into the picture. 

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction 
  2. Mistakes That A Project Manager Makes And How To Tackle Them
    1. Not Setting Clear Objectives And Success Metrics 
    2. Not Establishing A Clear Process 
    3. Lack Of Communication 
  3. Conclusion   


When you, as a manager, are able to solve the problems without feeling the pressure, in a calm and efficient manner, that is when your skills are effective. 

However, there are plenty of mistakes that managers make. These mistakes can often lead to the failure of the project and are often blamed on poor project management. 

One way to ensure that your project management does not cause any blunder is by making a decision to invest in project management software. This software will help you to easily manage your project from the first step to the last without any errors. With this tool, you can easily organize the teams, projects, schedules, resources, more quickly. 

There are many options available in the market for the same. You have to decide on the tool that fits best with your goals. 

While a few mistakes can be covered with the help of project management software, there are several others that need to be tackled. Find the mistakes that project managers make and how you can avoid them below. 

Mistakes That A Project Manager Makes And How To Tackle Them 

Not Setting Clear Objectives And Success Metrics 

One of the top mistakes that you, as a project manager, can make while managing a task is by not setting clear objectives and success metrics for the same. When you don’t have objectives, it means you probably don’t have a proper plan in place. This is because most plans are often directed towards achieving the pre-established goals. 

It is important that your employees understand the objectives of the project they are working on so that they can put their best foot forward. Moreover, the success metrics would allow them to understand if they are on the right track or they need to pull up their socks. 

Most experts make use of the DUMB method to set the standards, objectives, and goals. DUMB stands for  Doable, Understandable, Manageable, and Beneficial. Once you have the goals in place, make sure you communicate those well to your employees as well. 

Not Establishing A Clear Process

Another mistake that project managers make is not establishing the proper process or manner in which the project is to be carried out. When your team does not have a proper process to follow, the work tends to spiral out of control and get haywire before you can even blink an eye. As they say, you cannot build a multi-story building on a weak foundation. 

You need a structure in place to ensure your team is focused and clear about how the task is supposed to be carried out. Before setting the structure, it is the project manager’s role to understand the requirements and needs of a project. This further helps the manager to delegate work as per the strengths of employees and establish a process that aligns the best with that project. 

Lack Of Communication

When someone said communication is the key, they were right. Lack of communication or ineffective communication can be one of the major factors for a project to fail. It is important that you keep your communication activities from the ideation stage to the end. There are several developments that take place during the duration of the project. 

In order to meet your deadlines in a much easier and faster way, ensure that your communication skills are up to the mark. Choose a way of communication that is preferred by you and your employees. It could be via mail, over calls, or face-to-face. Make sure you are consistent and stick to one form. 


It is true that project management can often get overwhelming and a little difficult. To make life easier for project managers, there is plenty of software that is now available in the market. With these, the chances of managers to make mistakes reduces and the project can be carried out seamlessly.