After 372 posts, nearly 500 reader and author comments and almost a quarter of a million words written over the past 7+ months, I’d like to take a moment to step back and discuss what we’re trying to do on the PMTips site.





First, let me say that this has been an extremely interesting and challenging twist on Project Management for me. To actually put thoughts to writing on past experiences, ideas, headaches, mistakes, frustrations and of course successes has been very rewarding for me. I find myself always looking forward to the next article and working to come up with fresh ideas to share or information from favorite articles or books that others may not have run across yet.





The PMTips “About” tab states the following….




 is a blog about project management, collaboration, knowledge management and all other work 2.0 concepts present in today’s web 2.0 world.


This is a collaborative project that has several authors each of them master in the field. The purpose of this blog is to offer practical tips, tricks how-to`s and to serve as a resource for shedding light on the tools, trends, and practices that can make the life easier for many of use dealing with different challenges on a daily basis.


Its wished-for audience are those who do not use PM tools and are not seeing themselves as PM’s, but actually they do their work; people who just started being PM’s in organizations, small, medium, or larger, and are constantly searching out answers that can help them do their work more efficiently and profitably.


At every day new posts are posted which will help you win in your business. We invite you to visit us often and to share your insight with this community as well, since without having you as part of the conversation our aspiration to be helpful will become harder to achieve.








Looking at paragraph #3 I think we’ve gone far beyond that. We strive to be a good, useful resource to new PMs, but the comments and challenging feedback we get from experienced PMs helps to motivate the writers here and has forced our readers and our authors to think about certain PM topics in new and innovative ways.





As always, though, were are here to help PMs who are struggling or need information and answers. I’ve personally sent out more than 50 copies each of Risk Management Plans and Project Communication Plans after writing articles about each and offering templates. We’re just PMs like everyone else out there, but if there are needs for these types of tools – whether we’ve written about them or not – or questions that need answered on topics not yet covered, always feel free to send us those thoughts either through a comment or directly to an author at their email address. The door is always open.





Thanks again for reading and I am personally looking forward to much more interaction with our reader base.