All experienced portfolio and project managers realize the importance of optimizing costs throughout the whole lifespan of the project they are currently involved in. In the digital era, optimizing software usage among the team can prove to be a real money-saver; you may end up realizing you have been overpaying for software licenses without even thinking about it. The solution I would like to talk more about has emerged as a cost cutting software by analyzing work processes many companies have adopted; where middle management usually creates the project schedules and team members and executives only overview and analyze them. The simplicity behind the idea proved to match what many companies are looking for, implementing full Oracle Primavera P6 for the project schedulers and viewers for team members, contractors, subcontractors, executives and individual contributors.

PrimaveraReader Overview


PrimaveraReader is a cost-effective viewer for Oracle Primavera P6 schedules exported as .XER or .XLS file types, which allows user to maintain complete control over large-scale programs as well as individual projects with the native Primavera P6 EPS (Enterprise Project Structure) and WBS (Work Breakdown Structure) structures. It comes with familiar Primavera P6 look and feel, eliminating the learning curve and training costs.

Features Overview


PrimaveraReader comes with intuitive interface familiar to all Oracle Primavera P6 users. This business software works with the native .xer file exported from Oracle Primavera p6, allowing all team members to analyze them in a dynamic way, as opposed to printing or saving the project schedules as PDF files. Users of PrimaveraReader can filter the presented data, import custom layouts and customize the schedule according to their needs. PrimaveraReader also includes advanced printing options which allow users to print only certain aspects of their project schedule.

Use Cases


Most cases of companies who’ve implemented PrimaveraReader can be summarized in two main use case scenarios;

1.       Project Schedulers and Project Managers create the project schedule using Oracle Primavera P6 and the project manager either stores the .xer or .xls file on a shared location, or delivers it directly to team members, contractors, subcontractors and consultants (Figure 1.)

2.       Project Stakeholders deliver schedules to the team leads, who delivers the tasks required to the team members during the project lifespan. (Figure 2.)

So if you are looking to save on licensing costs, give PrimaveraReader a try today!