Project management has had a connection with Microsoft Project almost as long as it has been relying on software in general. Gantt Charts, Task Sheets and Resource Sheets etc. are parts of a project manager’s daily routine.

But while project managers need to create and edit Microsoft Project mpp plans, team members and project executives usually require only viewing and printing capabilities, using software solutions referred to simply as project viewers. This is where Seavus Project Viewer can help companies who can’t or choose not to implement Microsoft Project throughout the company, for mostly financial benefits – project viewers are up to 95% less expensive than Microsoft Project licenses.

Implementing a Seavus Project Viewer in your company is beneficial for:

Project Managers
Implementing this viewer within your organization equals freedom for project managers to create project plans without worrying about the operating system or Microsoft Project version they have currently installed. With support for all Microsoft Project versions, and availability on 6 different platforms (Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Web (Online) version) project managers can easily communicate project plans with team members while saving on MS Project licenses.

Team Members and Project Executives
Team members will be able to open, view and print MS Project files in identical look and feel. Project Executives can quickly check the project’s health by generating professional graphic reports with only a few clicks.

Graphical Reports in Seavus Project Viewer

IT Managers
Different licensing models are available, tailored to your company’s infrastructure providing ease of deployment, maintenance and updating.

Financial Managers
Seavus Project Viewer costs less than 1/10 of the cost of a Microsoft Project Standard licenses, making it a financially sound investition with savings that go as high as thousands of dollars.

Introducing Seavus Project Viewer 2016
Seavus Project Viewer 2016 is the first Microsoft Project File Viewer to implement support for files created in Microsoft Project 2016. Its user interface comes with identical Microsoft Project look and feel, thus eliminating training costs (see picture below).

Full support for Windows 10 is included in Seavus Project Viewer 2016, which is a definite advantage if your company is planning to upgrade to the latest operating system from Microsoft in the following months. It is also noteworthy that again, my research which included 6 project viewers found only Seavus Project Viewer 2016 with full support for Windows 10.

The graphical reports which this project viewer includes are also improved – the time category (again, following Microsoft Project principles) is introduced, allowing customization of the reports and displaying how a particular project parameter changes over time. Great for instant visualization of you projects cost or resource allocation of any particular time period during the project lifespan!

If you are interested in trying or micrpurchasing Seavus Project Viewer I’d suggest you act now – limited time promo offers are available on the producer’s website.

Do you use Microsoft Project? Are you planning to upgrade to Microsoft Project 2016 in the near future (official release date is set to be September 22nd).  I’d love to hear your opinion in the comments section.