As reported on the Cloud Computing Journal.

The ultimate online project management course is now available at, created by Method 123, leaders in the online Project Management Methodology space.

Students can use the solution to improve and expand their project management knowledge, complete project management courses and gain project management qualifications. Lecturers can use it to develop their project management course as it provides a wealth of information, charts, tables and practical examples about managing projects from start to finish.

"MPMM is an essential learning tool for students and lecturers. It provides all of the information a student needs to advance their project management knowledge and successfully complete theirproject management course or training," says Jason Westland, CEO of Method123 Ltd.

"It's equally beneficial to lecturers and trainers, providing them with all the relevant information and tools needed to educate students about project management processes, methods and tools," he says.

MPMM provides students, lecturers and trainers with a comprehensive project management methodology framework and toolset. It helps them undertake or run project management courses, as well as manage live projects, The MPMM solution includes Project Management Templates and practical examples for every activity and stage in the project life cycle. Based on the worldwide project management standards PMBOK® and Prince2.MPMM, it offers best practice methods for learning how to deliver projects successfully.

The product contains over a 1000 pages of information, project management template processes, tables, diagrams, checklists, sample forms and practical examples. The entire methodology for delivering projects is provided, describing every phase, activity and task in the project life cycle. It describes how to complete every project activity, when it should be completed, by whom and when, to provide all of the knowledge required for project management courses. MPMM comprises 20 core project activities and nine core project processes. Each core activity and process is fully described making it easy for students or lecturers to pick and choose the topics they wish to learn about or teach.

The MPMM product suite comprises an educational, standard, professional and enterprise version. MPMM Professional offers consultants and project managers a fully customizable methodology for managing projects. It steps them through every phase, activity and task needed to complete a project from start to finish, and comes with all of the project management templates and examples they need. They can import existing methodologies, processes and templates to manage them all in one place or customize the methodology already included.