This is a topic I have been thinking about for a while. I'm an independent consultant so theoretically, I could manage projects and consult from anywhere.  Being near a major airport is somewhat necessary.  I'm in Las Vegas, so the airport thing is covered. In fact, it's hard to find a locale with cheaper airfare options than Las Vegas.

The Local Market

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One problem with consulting in Las Vegas is the local economy.  Unemployment is high, businesses are disappearing, and those clients that used to have money to spend are trying to do everything themselves or putting off some needed work.  It's that where everywhere, I realize, but it's fairly pronounced in Las Vegas.  Casinos always have some money to spend, but they're not often the ones that seek out consulting services.

So, your local market becomes a concern no matter what, unless your plate is already full with clients in other locations.  Then, it's just a matter of staying close to an airport you utilize regularly.

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If my wife had her preference, I'd probably be consulting from Maui. We use to live in Iowa and she told me that was as far north as she wanted live.  And we'd generally like to remain in the US, so that limits me to the southern states, but we'd probably go wherever for the right situation.  Likewise, I'd stop consulting for the right situation, too.  Just today I was on a call with an organization in New York.  What I didn't immediately realize was that the job would actually be in New York, not remote with travel.  New York is not in our relocation plans right now so that one wasn't going to work.

Warm Weather!

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I'm with my wife - if I have a choice - which I currently do, warm weather is the way to go. I lived in Iowa for 40 years. Enough snow and rain to last a couple of lifetimes.  I love the weather in Las Vegas - even when the temperature reaches 110-115? in July and August since it's only for two months.

Once you're set up with a remote office, flexible software like Seavus' Project Viewer or similar tool - either desktop or web-based, and a cell plan that covers everything, you can truly go just about anywhere if you can survive the moving process!

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The only weather that both my wife and I like better right now is the San Diego or Orange County climate (we're Disney fans and have small children).  Anyone in San Diego or Los Angeles in need of an experienced Project Manager/IT Consultant/Business Strategist with an entrepreneurial flair?

What's Your Ideal Locale?