What do you do when you’re assigned a project that looks complicated? How do you manage it? The truth is that you don’t have to be a certified project manager before you can efficiently manage the 3 vital components of a project: team, time and tools. There are so many online resources for project management. But what you need right now are concise action tips to get the job done. This post will inspire you correctly, and guide you when managing complicated projects. You’ve to follow the 3-step approach when managing complicated project. And they are:

Understand the project scope

You can’t successfully manage a project you don’t fully understand. The core question to answer is: what are you trying to achieve at the end of the day? That’s the scope. You might assume that you need state-of-the-art tools, people and time to effectively get results, but oftentimes, what you need the most is a ‘strategy.’ This is because the best project management software out and trained team will not suffice, if your strategy is weak. If you take orders from someone, it’d be nice to clarify the scope of the project first, before moving forward. If you’re not sure of what must be done, ask questions.

Simplify the whole process

No matter how complicated the project might seem, you need to break it down. How? Here’s a typical example: if you’re writer, you know that every post you write has a specific category it’d fit in. For instance, this post would likely be published in a category that’s relevant to project management tips. When you simplify the whole process, you can easily assign a manager to each smaller unit, and get concrete feedback on the progress. Don’t embark on a project that scares you, because whether you believe it or not, the outcome will not be pleasant. Time and efforts will be wasted if you don’t simplify. According to Jean-Lin, Unilever Australian Chairman, “you’ve to make your business tasks simpler, because that’s the quickest way to eliminate unnecessary work, make people more effective and lift your company’s business performance.” Track your team’s progress Do you track what your team is doing? Remember that by simplifying the whole process, you were able to assign managers to each unit. Now, it’s time to monitor their progress. When you receive feedback, don’t treat it lightly because an issue that’s neglected could mar your progress. Communicate efficiently and develop a two-way communication culture – when you send a question or an issue to be discussed, the project managers must respond as soon as possible. Every response counts. Always remember that.

Over to you

There you’ve it. If you use your time and resources well, coupled with well-trained team, you’ll be able to manage complications in any project, and save a lot of time, too. However, becoming successful in project management may not happen overnight – you have to be consistent and never forget that effective communication with your team is the key to winning. 

About – Michael Chibuzor is a certified small business consultant. Since 2012, he has trained 1000+ start-up entrepreneurs on how to use CRM business solutions to communicate with customers, and increase sales. To learn more, visit http://queryletters.com