A post on whether technology is necessary for Knowledge Management sparked of a rather interesting debate and if the multiple lines of thought are anything to go by there is clearly some confusion on what Knowledge Management is and what its meant to achieve.

This prompted me to put down a couple of thoughts i had on whether the term Knowledge "Management" confused rather than clarified our understanding of the subject.

Rather than defining what KM is i thought it might be interesting to understand what KM means to those of you who are project managers. The idea here is to hopefully create a baseline on what each of us expect from KM before we decide of putting it to use.

So, What does KM mean to you?

As a project manager, what does KM mean to you? What do you expect from a KM program? and most importantly after you've answered these questions do you think its worth investing a certain portion of your project budget ( this can be in the form of just team effort ) to focus on KM?

I do understand a lot of this depends on how your organization has promoted KM ( if it has at all ).

After having answered these questions you might want to take a closer look at the way KM is implemented within your project and answer the next few questions.

Does KM work for you?

Does KM work in your project? or organization? I know it's an extremely difficult to truth to face especially when time and effort has been invested but its a question that i feel we must all ask ourselves.