Listed below are some additional benefits you can use when making your business case.

Improving security

- One of the biggest advantages of a WCM, control over what gets published, where, and by whom. You can effectively control how many people you want working on the client facing content. While your other teams can go about creating / modifying existing content with little or no impact to your front-end business.

Improving agility

- A WCM allows you to dynamically change your communication efforts based on market / customer base shifts. This automatically means you are ready at any time to handle a change in the market.

Consistency of brand and user experience

- A WCM allows you to separate the content from the actual presentation. which means regardless of where the content comes from, or how its put together your customers are always presented with a view they are most familiar with. This allows you to target your content to your consumers as well.

Improve record keeping

- In this day and age of increased awareness, security has taken center stage when it comes to dealing with information. A WCM allows you to keep tight control over who publishes what. It also keeps a very detailed record of every single change made within its environment.

Maximizing skills with the organization

- The distributed approach of a WCM allows your web designers to work exclusively on the look and feel, and your content people on the content without having to worry about each others work. This is a great way to increase the individual teams efficiency and dependency on each other.