Construction is in constant need of reliable software solutions.

That’s why, it’s important for everyone working within the industry to be well-informed about all the different options.

GenieBelt tried to offer some help towards that direction, by putting together an exhaustive list of the top software tools in construction for 2017.

Every detail of the above mentioned list is visualized on the present infographic which contains 170 top-performing construction software tools divided to 16 distinct categories.

The most extensive groups are the ones about Bid Management and Estimating software with 18 and 17 companies respectively.

Among others, you will also find tools about Maintenance Management, Data Analytics, Website Development, Client Communication, Marketing and many more that will make your life much simpler, while working in construction.

The infographic contains companies of any size and it addresses both to big enterprises and smaller businesses.

If used right, it’s a valuable tool for anyone who is struggling with increasing the efficiency of his/her work.

Construction projects can become eventually quite sloppy and it’s vital to be able to get as much help as possible.

For that reason, we encourage you to take the most out of the infographic presented below and to start using some of these tools.


About GenieBelt: GenieBelt is a construction management software and mobile app that empowers communication on the construction site and offers smart and easy solutions to anyone working within construction.