Article Overview

Artificial Intelligence not only supports your need for real-time decision making, but also ensures that you are more than aware of what is happening in a particular project, and how you need to deal with the same. It will also help forecast the future for the project and give you a glimpse into the “what if” situations that you cannot think through.

Table of Contents 

  1. Introduction 
  2. Gain Insights into your Business
  3. Predictive Analytics for Better Performance
  4. Mitigates the Risk
  5. Aids Remote Working with Efficiency
  6. Summing Up

Here, we will talk about how AI and Machine Learning together will change the project management methods and techniques in 2020.


Project Management has evolved and there has been tremendous progress in the way the projects are being managed. From getting organized to being more strategic and goal-oriented, there have been obvious improvements in the methodologies. With technology aiding project management, there has been a rise in the number of tools and techniques that are involved in managing them. These tools effectively optimize the way in which the project managers can manage the project timelines and ensure that the KPIs for the projects are being met.

However, even now, with recent technologies, there is a lot that the project managers cannot do. For one, they cannot forecast how the project will work and are unable to look into the future or see the scenarios that can possibly happen when you are controlling a project. If only you knew what was going to happen, it will make your life as a project manager easier and efficient. In fact, you would be able to tune your decisions to meet the necessity immediately and in real-time.

Gain Insights into your Business

The first thing you need to have before you can address possible issues or understand the future possibilities are insights. When you get data, it is raw and there is a lot of information available. In fact, what you get along with data that is relevant to your requirements is a lot of noise. It is important, for you to gain access to insights that can fuel your project management journey, is to remove the noise and carefully work on the insights.

Artificial Intelligence will study the entire project, the objectives, and even the goals you have set with the project management team. Accordingly, it will remove the white noise from the data, and only work on data that will deliver insights required by your team. For instance, when you get excessive noise, you are distracted, which can cause you to miss out on insights that are important to you and your team.

The relevant data and actionable insights into the business operations and also into the project will help improve your insights into the project and help develop strategies that resonate with the objectives. In fact, with the necessary knowledge, you will also get an idea as to what you need to do while managing the project.

Predictive Analytics for Better Performance

Based on an analysis of the current project situation and how it is going to move forward, Artificial Intelligence can make intelligent guesses and can improve the overall performance of the machine and the system.

For instance, a certain machine or even a certain rhythm when changed within the project can cause a shift in the outcome. A human eye may miss out on these changes or shifts, which the machine will not. After years of learning and having spent understanding the project methodologies and the ideal operating techniques, the machines can predict what will be the outcome of this shift. It will immediately indicate what step you need to take, which can help you be more proactive.

As a result of the predictive analytics, you can save a lot of time that is invested in getting things done, as you know what you are supposed to do. In fact, you will also be able to schedule your shifts better, get the operations on track, and even visualize the changes in real-time. This will help you keep an eye on the budget, and make sure you don’t go overboard with your spending.

Mitigates the Risk

It is important that you are aware of the possible risks involved in the project. It is also important for you to know that the risks keep evolving with the project evolution, and there will be obvious changes in what you need to track and where you need to take corrective action. Depending on the stage of the project, you are going to see a more evolved response.

However, it is not possible for you to know whether a particular action will pose to be a risk or not if you are not aware of the changes or the new operational data. For this, you need to constantly track your project, and make sure you are aware of the changes that occur at every point. How?

It is not possible for a human eye to detect the immediate changes, which is why you need to incorporate the machine. It will not only be able to track the data, but also suggest corrective action that can mitigate the risk. the machine will study the past data, get an in-depth idea into the history of the particular project as well as company operations, and accordingly offer you suggestions.

Data and actionable insights into the project

The machine will grant suggestions for the various assumptions and timelines that it will take into account. The idea is to mitigate risks related to people, entities, and other aspects of the project. The machine will know if the timelines will be met or not, and what changes need to be considered to optimize the schedules and the cost of the project.

Aids Remote Working with Efficiency

There is a rise in remote workers, as companies have now started blurring the geographical barriers and taken to invest in people across the globe. While there is a lot of flexibility involved with remote working, there is the obvious constraint of communication and getting things done on time that poses a threat to the people.

In the case of larger projects, managing these projects, and ensuring that the project timelines are met is an important aspect. As a result, Artificial Intelligence needs to be considered by these companies to command the progress of the projects and also to understand the constant changes that occur in these projects. With effective means of online tools and AI, you will be able to judge how efficient your team is, what tools can help increase the efficiency and you would also be able to track the KPIs of individuals as well as the team, even in remote cases. This will also help increase the remote assessments and quarterly assessments of the team, and ensure that the results match with the requirements.

Artificial Intelligence will check if the team’s performance is at par with the requirement of the company and aligned to the goals or not. That will help with ensuring proper management and attaining project goals.

AI is also used to improve security within the projects and to enhance the overall project scheduling and scalability. 

Summing Up

Project management and ensuring project timelines is the need of the hour. It has become extremely important for the companies to ensure that their projects are secure, meet the timelines, optimized for the schedules and the team is efficient. Tracking of minute changes in the project helps them tackle the situation in real-time, and ensures reduced cost or timeline changes.

Artificial Intelligence helps with tracking the changes, making suggestions that can help with real-time changes and even predictive analytics that can prevent heavy spending or delayed projects. It is time for companies to incorporate machines alongside humans for better management and efficient project completion.