A career in project management is very appealing for many students. When a project is devolved whether it’s for a building, plastic or new product, a project manager will oversee the project. A project manager delegates duties, creates and implements a budget and make sure that goals are reached. The management of projects usually requires technical knowledge, engineering skills, and management skills.

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Besides engineering, there are different types of management degrees available in subjects like construction, business, IT and other technical fields. Some of the project management degrees that exist are Associate of Project Management, Bachelor of Arts of Project Management and Bachelor of Business Administration of Project Management.

Besides bachelor and associates degree, students can get a masters or doctorate in project management. For example, a Master of Arts of Project Management or Doctorate of Project management would be for students who have received their bachelors and want to go into research and master the finer details that go into a project management degree. If a student doesn’t attain a degree in Project Management, they can still get a Project Management certification.

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In school, students will learn basic engineering management concepts, engineering economy, project management, and quality systems management. Programs also place an emphasis on engineering economic evaluation, understanding quality systems and fundamentals of management in technical organization. Students will learn how to use project- scheduling tools like CMP with Microsoft Project. Microsoft CRM gives managers the capability to create and maintain a clear vision of the project with tools that help increase a company’s sales, marketing, and customers service processes.

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Project management is a dynamic profession and professionals need to stay up to date with the programs and tools that will help them become more successful in their career.