Welcome to the December/January edition of the Carnival of Project Management.  You didn't miss the October/November Carnival - there wasn't one.  My fault, sorry.

Utpal Vaishnav presents Profit from Conflicts! posted at Utpal Vaishnav, saying, "Conflict management is one of the key skills that a project manager should have and here are 7 steps to prevent the conflict and 5 (well known) steps to manage it!"

Vyrtunet presents Charting a Path to Change posted at P3 Peak Performanceabout the change implementation process RRAP.

Rich Maltzman, PMP presents Sometimes, the obvious is not so obvious posted at Earth PM, saying, "Thank you, Captain Obvious!" And here's another from Rich: Green Project Management and the BP Deepwater Horizon Spill posted at Earth PM, and as he says, it's "Pertinent!"

Wise Bread presents Starting a New Job: 3 Rules to Live By posted at Wisebread- useful if you are picking up a new job or new responsibilities.

Valery Zelixon presents Supplier selection process part 1 - - how to select global supplier for your business posted at Supply Chain Notebook, saying, "This is an overview from a purchasing pro about selecting overseas suppliers." 'Overseas' means non-USA, as this company is based in Boston.

Stuart Corrigan presents How To Map A Process posted at Vanguard Scotland, which also includes some links to free tools for process mapping.

Bruce Loflland presents Hidden reasons why things don't get done posted at PM Technix.

Chris Solomon presents Project Management Tools Part – 1 Critical Path Method(CPM) posted at Jazz Presentation, saying, "Critical Path Method is A very effective Method used in Project Management to Segregate the most important parts of the projects for the rest." This is a basic article on critical path method, with diagrams and links to slide shares.