An extract from the article “Knowledge Management and the Zen of Seeing” by Rakesh Bhaskar.

“Seeing is an art often taken for granted. We see what we learn or have learned to see. As Henry Moore once said “We think we see, but we don’t”. Everyone sees differently. Your brain processes the visual information from the eye and shows facts based on your mental conditioning. Only an individual who knows the Zen of Seeing can see what “isn’t there” and what is “actually there”.

Such individuals have constantly worked on removing murky veils of conformity from their eyes, and this has helped them in understanding the true nature of life.

Zen is a Buddhist and a Universal concept, it means self knowledge. It is a self actualizing process wherein the individual takes a steadfast approach in knowing himself and realizes how to look at the true nature of things. It’s an effective tool for change.

A Zen Practitioner knows that the brain dwells on things that we see. A refined way of looking at things can change the way your brain works and this can bring about quality actions.

Knowledge Management (KM) like Zen is an effective tool for change. KM is an essential organizational driver and an invaluable elixir for professional growth.

In Zen, Knowledge is the basis of understanding the framework of life. KM too, is a way of understanding the functioning of knowledge in an organizational framework. Zen works on the ways of understanding the true knowledge of life. KM works on the ways as to how knowledge works in an organization and improves its lifeline.