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CAPM Exam is an exam for certification designed from Project Management Institute that helps you transform your career as a project manager. The following article provides you with 7 tips to help you pass the exam.

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What Is the CAPM Exam and Why Should You Take It?

Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) certification is a great certification from the Project Management Institute (PMI) that helps those looking to transition into project management begin a career as a project manager. 

Also for those who manage projects daily but don't yet qualify or meet the three-year experience to take the PMP certification.

Now it's worth mentioning that the CAPM Certification does not require any experience in project management. The CAPM certification only requires that you have a secondary degree which can be a high school diploma associate’s degree or equivalent as well as 23 hours of project management education.


Tips 1: Create A Schedule

Create a realistic study schedule now you are taking an exam in project management so treat studying as if it was a project set aside key milestones every single week to make sure that I stayed on track whether it was studying a chapter every single day or taking daily practice questions to test on the different knowledge areas.

Make an arrangement where you can study for the examination without hampering your work obligations. Go through the PMBOK Guide and CAPM practice questions. When you know the last timetable for the assessment, you can ensure you can allocate sufficient time getting ready for each segment of the test.

Tips 2: CAPM Exam Study Book

Get an exam prep study book along with the PMBOK guide now the CAPM exam tests your knowledge on ten knowledge areas and five process groups covered in the PMBOK guide and also tests your knowledge on the different processes and ITTOS or what's known as the inputs the tools the techniques as well as the outputs for each process group so when you're reviewing your exam prep book and trying to learn the ITTOS I highly recommend that you spend the time to focus on understanding each process and making sure you understand at a high level what is its purpose.

And why is it important and of course what's the correct order and sequencing of each process that needs to happen when you're managing a project from initiation to planning executing monitoring controlling and lastly closing.

For example: In scope management, the WBS or work breakdown a structure can only be created after your scope and project requirements have been determined and you can only validate your project scope after you finish planning your work breakdown structure and defining what's inside and outside the scope of your project so if you can answer these questions any time you're reviewing each process group then you'll have a solid mastery of the concepts being tested on your captain exam.

Tips 3: Importance of Flashcards

Create flashcards because they are a simple and yet effective strategy that works. It helps to master some of the key details between all of the different process groups.

Cheat sheets can be utilized anyplace whether you are driving on a train or hanging tight for your transport. Cheat sheets are more available as it isn't hurling like reading material. Counting cheat sheets during the planning of the CAPM test is a shrewd method to consider.

Tips 4: List Out Formulas and Practice Each of Them

Create a formula cheat sheet while you're studying for your exam. Create your formula cheat sheet that you can study daily and it's something that you can reference any time that you're studying.

Now the CAPM exam is a closed book exam so you can't bring in anything with you whether you're taking it online or at a testing center but if you do decide to take your exam in person at a testing facility you'll be given a booklet or several sheets of scratch paper where you can write inside now I recommend that once your exam starts use this scratch paper and write out the key mathematical formulas equations or the sequencing of the different process groups and knowledge areas.    

Tips 5: Online Training Session

Improve your certainty with the assistance of the training tests. Attempting regular CAPM online training tests from time to time, it would help you track your exhibition routinely. Openness to more inquiries would likewise permit you to be intensive with the configuration also.

Recollect that your vocation possibilities will be splendid later on once you finish the CAPM test. Furthermore, in light of the fact that you have the experience and instructive capability for being an incredible task chief, you ought to in a perfect world feel certain of your exhibition.

Tips 6: Take Exam Simulator

Simulation assists you with creating learning capacities while planning for the CAPM test. This incorporates the test and assists you with realizing the amount you have arranged for the CAPM accreditation. By taking test simulations and contrasting your scores assists you with tracking your development. The candidate should be given the test from time to time; this will build certainty and information.

The simulation test assists you with understanding what you have done and what you need to read more for the CAPM test. The greatest benefit of this test is that it doesn't imply any danger. It builds the opportunity for achievement and the up-and-comer becomes acquainted with the subjects which need improvement.

With the assistance of the CAPM test system, you have online admittance to an example of the inquiry paper. Every one of the inquiries is set by a group of confirmed task administrators. You can take the membership online for a test system or you can practice free certification quizzes. Testing yourself is the most ideal approach to upgrade your insight and capacity for the test. The test system is an extraordinary chance for the possibility to sort out what part needs improvement and upgrade the fearlessness for the test.

Tips 7: Increase Confidence

While responding to rehearsed questions, in some cases it might give the idea that there is more than one right answer and through the end of certain decisions, in the wake of narrowing down let us say from 4 to 2, an answer is chosen through speculating. It assists with monitoring what addresses you scored accurately through speculating and reconsider that specific space obviously.

By and large, during training tests, it is prescribed that you intend to score 70% or above accurately while limiting any dependence on the mystery. This will help your certainty levels during the CAPM Exam prep stage and unfathomably increment your achievement of passing in the absolute first endeavor.

Keeping up the information about your exhibition and keeping tabs on your development will help you in knowing the spaces of progress and dealing with those spaces continuously will empower you to control and guarantee consistent advancement.