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Efficiency in project management is very important to have in any virtual business. Imagine what your business can lose because of inefficient project deliveries? Delivering projects is complex, especially when you need to deal with changes.
Sometimes having a competent project management team is not enough, but putting in efforts to have one is a good start. There are a lot of solutions available in correcting both avoidable and unavoidable project management mistakes. It is entirely up to you to find ways to tap into these solutions, depending mostly on how driven you are.

Boring your audience
One of the most common pitfalls of a project management for content marketing is producing stuff that just puts the audience to sleep. To be on the safe side, incorporate your content with intrigue and stand-out personality. Thrust uniqueness to your brand.
Organize an agile project team that will produce audience engagement in content marketing. If your content is able to pique the interest of your audience, your audience will not hesitate to share it with their network, in turn, enabling you to expand your target audience.

Hesitating to commit
Not putting in an investment to commit only produces subsequent failure in content marketing management. Be consistent in making use of productive agile project management tools to continuously reap the accompanying rewards. Be patient as rewards don’t come instantly.
Your people are essential to having and maintaining an agile project management. Therefore, it is essential that you put in every effort in committing to manage these people. Good people management produces optimal work outputs. Remember, every project needs teamwork to succeed, as most virtual projects are people-oriented. Nobody works in isolation when it comes to completing online projects that target to reach tons of audience.

Failure to look ahead into the future
Most content marketing problems arise when you fail to organize your strategy in an efficient way. Oftentimes, this happens when you fail to look into the future consequences of the implementation of your chosen strategies.

As a content marketer, you should make sure that you avoid posting random articles in different sites just for the heck of it. You need to put in time and thorough analysis to come up with a content marketing strategy that works. Collaborate daily with your team members to retain strategies that work, and filter those that don’t work.

Absence of a centralized marketing methodology
Great tools for content marketing become useless if your marketing methodology is not centralized or interconnected. If your social media campaigns run in inconsistencies with content marketing, your customers will notice, and as a result, confusion will take place.
Adopt a content marketing strategy that will fit with your other marketing agendas. Learn to be flexible when planning your strategy, so as to let your strategy yield an interrelated overall marketing agenda.  You should keep in mind that no matter how good your strategy may be, your efforts don’t get recognized if you fail to produce positive end results.

Not retaining a social media policy
Brandon Harig, a social media strategist at Identity, thinks that companies that fail to guide their employees on adopting proper conduct in social media are dealing with an enormous threat. Great online marketing tools do not serve their purposes if inappropriate posts from your virtual workers are clearly visible in Facebook or Twitter.
Posting personal stuff in your project’s social site is one example of a common project management mistake your team members may commit. Establish clear cut guidelines within your virtual team on the stuff that can and cannot be posted in your project’s social sites.

Misusing social media
One of the errors in project management in social media that seem to be avoidable is using social media for a single purpose only. You may think of social media as just a simple tool to post anything you desire, without taking into consideration the need to use it to interact with your target audience.
Social media is home to extended and far-reaching interactions. Project management issues commonly arise when you fail to satisfy your audience, particularly, through engagement in social media sites.
Avoid the usual project management pitfalls by avoiding wrong thoughts and insights. Expand the way you see things in social media by being active in interacting with your audience. Doing so lets your audience know you care about their opinions and them as individuals. Expand your popularity in social media by creating a positive image on your audience.
You may think of classic mistakes in project management as stuff that won’t make much impact on the progress of your business. If you really do have this in mind, better think again. Simple mistakes impose extensive damages on the way your project runs its course, without you even knowing it.