Those studying for a degree in project management may think that “project manager” is the only career available to them. However, the need for qualified leaders goes well beyond that. Every industry from health to law needs project managers, and it can make for some interesting and well-paying careers.

To help illustrate this, we have listed 30 potential career paths with a degree in project management. They include everything from the entry level to the ones that pay well into the six-figure mark.

Potential Entry Level Career Paths With a Degree in Project Management

- Intern As with many careers, there are internships available for project managers. Check out Employment Crossing to learn about the latest opportunities. The site also has many other project management jobs available.

- Intern Jobs Visit this site to get a global database of internships and entry-level positions for students, recent graduates and career changers. Jobs both inside and outside the U.S. are featured. You can also post your resume and get other options.

- Go Abroad Use this site to find both work and educational jobs abroad. They have options for everything from students to volunteers to interns. With a tagline of “your next job could be your greatest adventure,” it is worth a look.

Career Development

- Construction If your area of project management involves any kind of building, time spent on a job site can be valuable. Check out Construction Jobs to get loads of jobs in the industry for everyone from experienced tradesmen to entry-level workers. Post your resume or register for an account to begin.

- Computer Jobs If looking to go into project management on the tech side, a job in the industry can be found here. They have loads of jobs available and even allow speciality searches for loads of categories, including the project manager. You can also choose to view jobs from popular locations.

- Project Scheduler Focus on just the scheduling in this project management career. They are often tasked with creating the schedules for a project and working with others to ensure its completion. This page is an actual job description for a scheduler for Ellis Don.

- Cost Estimator They develop the cost information that business owners and managers need to make a bid for a contract or to decide on the profitability of a proposed new project. Training varies by industry, but can often require some experience or a degree.

- Career Rookie They specialize in matching those just starting out on a career with jobs. There are loads of channels on jobs from internships to jobs with specific companies, such as AT&T. They also have advice, resources, and videos.

- Experience Get just that with a visit here. They have sections for jobs, internships, and even employers looking for those eager to start a career. They even have the top internships and job searches available on the homepage.

- College Recruiter Still in project management school? Then check out this site to get the leading job board for college students searching for internships and recent graduates hunting for entry-level jobs and other career opportunities. You can even search outside the U.S. or by a school.


Potential High Paying Career Paths With a Degree in Project Management


- Chief Operations Officer As high as a project manager can climb without becoming the CEO, the COO looks after daily optimization of various operations in different departments of a firm. Serious education and experience are required for this job. However, those who do get hired in this position can get a salary of anywhere from $130,000 and $300,000 per year.

- Engineering Manager If your project management experience also has some engineering, check out this high paying career. They are responsible for plans, coordination, research, design, and production activities. Ask Men shows the salary for this job can be as high as $140,210 per year.

- Marketing Manager If you have a background in both marketing and project management, check out this career. They identify, create, and evaluate strategies to promote their company’s services and products and increase sales. BLS findings show that the median annual salary for marketing managers was $110,030 as of May 2009.

- Certified Project Manager If you have taken and passed the credentials for the Project Management Institute’s PMP certification, you can be well compensated. These professionals average a yearly salary of $101,695. Requirements include 35 hours of qualifying project management education, years of experience, and passing an exam.

- Certified Associate in Project Management Still don’t qualify for the above? Then try one of the other certifications from the same institute. This one has fewer restrictions and offers a yearly salary of $101,103.

- Industrial Production Managers They plan, direct, and coordinate production of a vast array of goods and manufacturing. Many have a college degree in business, management, or related area. Median annual wages for industrial production managers were $83,290 in May 2008.

- Operations Manager An operations manager typically ensures smooth operation of various processes that contribute to the production of goods and services of an organization. According to Operations, they can earn anywhere between $43,151 and $147,986, which averages at $95,568 per year. You can get loads more on the career at their site.

- Australian Project Manager Because the U.S. isn’t the only area that needs project managers, visit here. The job of a project manager was on the list of both highest paying and most in-demand jobs in the country, coming in second only to business analysts. Learn more with a visit here.

- Construction Managers Supervise everything from residential to commercial building in this career. The average annual salary was $79,860. A degree and tons of work experience is often the requirement.

- Database Administrator They use database software to store and manage information and will often set up database systems in addition to making sure those systems operate efficiently. Education needed is in computer science or management information. Knowledge of business functions is also essential in this job that pays an average annual salary of $72,900.


Other Potential Career Paths With a Degree in Project Management

Career in Project Management

- IT Project Manager Be the head of an information technology team in this career. These managers run complex projects, create strategies for completing goals, and function as the leader. Other job titles for this career path include IT operations manager and IT division manager.

- Health Project Manager They oversee the implementation of a specific health project and ensure that stated goals and objectives are met. They also oversee the financial and logistical aspects of the project. This specific position was for a health project manager in Kenya to help out in a refugee camp.

- Legal Project Manager This career path focuses on legal projects. This blog details all the tricks of the trade for legal project managers, and this entry outlines four effective traits of legal project managers.

- Military Project Manager Private companies aren’t the only places that need qualified project managers. The military too also takes on and even trains project managers. This page has jobs offered for those in military project management.

- Non-profit Project Manager Also known as the program manager, this career involves running a program or project for a non-profit organization. The PM often leads the staff in administering services and fitting the budget. This blog entry has the description for a project manager for the HR Council.

- Environmental Project Manager They are experts in the environment and organizational management who oversee environmental projects. These projects can include cleaning waterways, restoring soil, forest regeneration, and wildlife restoration. While some can be scientists, others can be government workers, and all need a background in science and the environment, as well as project management.

- Project Management Office PMO work involves a wide range of job duties and encompasses a team or workgroup. There are several career paths available here including manager of project managers, project administrator, or business manager. The PMO manager is considered the lead career path here.

- Does a Social Media Manager Really love Facebook, Twitter, and the like? This project manager implements and develops a company’s or employer’s social media strategy. It can include brand awareness, inbound traffic, and encouraging product adoption.

- Civil Project Manager Build something of use to the community in this career path. They can work on everything from bridges and canals to freeways and roads. The blogger at Civil Engineering has more.

- Bilingual Project Manager If you speak a second language, this could be the career path for you. They often help make transitions and help offices who speak different languages work together. This specific job posting was a graduate internship for a project manager in London.

- This is a guest post by Andrea Mc Dougal.

IT Project Manager Be the head of an information technology team in this career. These managers run complex projects, create strategies for completing goals, and function as the leader. Other job titles for this career path include IT operations manager and IT division manager.