PRINCE2:2009 is coming!

Posted by Elizabeth Harrin

It’s the official launch of PRINCE2:2009 next month.  Watch this space for more details following the launch event.  In the meantime, have a sneak preview of what PRINCE2:2009 is all about with this video.

Introducing PRINCE2:2009

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3 Comments to “PRINCE2:2009 is coming!”

  • Hi,

    for those of you interested, I have just published a comparison of PRINCE2 2005 vs. PRINCE2 2009 on my website at .
    It looks at the new manual, the new emphasis and the simplifications of 2009 vs what was often seen as a very clunky description of a simple system in 2005. Hindsight and all that, of course


  • Great, thanks for pointing that out, George. There’s a fair bit online at the moment talking about the difference – it’s a hot topic!

  • Hi Elizabeth,

    I hope you find it useful… if it raises questions just email me and I shall do my best to answer.
    I get my “Directing Sucessful Projects with PRINCE2: 2009″ next week … bated breath … if it looks worthwhile I may write an analysis of that too .. it is a critical area that often has poor implementations


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