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Successfully managing enterprise knowledge yields big dividends. The 2008 Global MAKE Winners trading on the NYSE/NASDAQ showed a Total Return to Shareholders (TRS) for the ten-year period 1997-2007 of 16.3% – over twice the average Fortune 500 company median.

Some of the findings that the report threw up:

•     By the year 2012, there will be 3-5 global companies in each of the major business sectors. Consolidation is rapidly occurring in the automotive, computer, consulting, defense, energy, information technology, Internet, media and pharmaceutical sectors. Those companies with strong knowledge-driven strategies are most likely to survive and prosper.
•     The capability to innovate and manage enterprise intellectual capital are seen as the competitive advantages across a wide range of business sectors.
•     Asian knowledge-driven organizations now are competing on an equal knowledge ‘footing’ with their European and North American counterparts.
•     A growing number of organizations are taking on ‘Global’ characteristics – especially consulting and professional services firms, financial services, energy and media companies.  These ‘Global’ organizations tend to operate as ‘independent’ companies within a Federal structure and without the traditional corporate head office.

– 2008, MAKE Awards

The executive summary reports that you can download are:

  • The 2008 Global MAKE Executive Summary
  • The 2008 Asia MAKE Executive Summary
  • The 2008 Japan MAKE Executive Summary
  • The 2008 India MAKE Executive Summary
  • The 2008 Europe MAKE Executive Summary
  • The 2008 North America MAKE Executive Summary

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